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More Than Just Professional Locksmith Services in Surbiton

The serious issue of security doesn’t need to be a serious headache to sort out. Locks and Latches provides hassle-free security and locksmith services to all of Surbiton:

Talk to us about what you need and make your booking 24/7. Whatever you need from us, you’ll know that you’re covered by a full six-month guarantee and insurance with all work. And that all the experts carrying out your installation or the repair of your locks, doors or other security systems are fully trained and qualified professionals able to complete the task at hand to the highest standards…

How Your Service Will Work

  1. Get in touch and tell us about your security issue
  2. We can provide an initial quote by phone or arrange an onsite meeting with one of our professionals – without any obligation
  3. After an onsite meeting, you can request that we send a fully itemised quote – you’ll receive this within three working days
  4. Alternatively, we can be with you within thirty minutes in an emergency situation
  5. Any work you’ve ordered is carried out – repair or installation
  6. All work is checked and tested before we seek your final approval

Locksmith Services and a Whole Lot More

Whatever your property needs in terms of security repairs and upgrades, we can provide it:

  • Lock installation and repairs – any issues with or fitting of a locking mechanism you might need
  • Door fitting and repairs – whether it’s a new door that needs fitting or an old one that needs repairing
  • CCTV services – for installing security cameras and other monitoring devices
  • Access control installation – for safeguarding different parts of a property
  • Emergency services – when you need help in an emergency, such as when you’re locked out for example!

The Professionals Who Deliver Our Services

Security is a vital concern for any property owner or tenant. Which is why we know you’ll want to be sure you can rely on the quality of work you’re having done. That’s why…

  • You get insurance protection as standard – we cover all of our work from start to finish
  • You can count on getting a full six-month guarantee without anything added onto your bill
  • All staff are extensively trained and highly experienced in their particular trade
  • Quality standards are met as a matter of course, such as the BS3621 standard on locks

Booking the Property Security Services You Need in Surbiton

Don’t wait around when it’s your security that’s at stake! Get in touch with us for hassle-free booking:

  • Tell us what you need and get a free quote without any commitment
  • Ask any questions you might have and get any additional information
  • Book an appointment any day, Monday-Sunday, without paying any extra charges
  • Short-notice bookings are available – tell us and we’ll be there within the hour!
  • 24/7 customer support facilities – call in whenever you need fast action or an instant response!