Broken Key Removal in Surbiton Just Got a Lot Easier!

Make one phone call and we’ll have an expert with you right away. Broken keys stuck in the lock of your Surbiton property can be removed quickly and easily. Your qualified professional will have the specialist tools they need – and they can be with you in around half an hour on most occasions!

How Do We Get Your Key Out of Your Lock?

  1. You call and tell us about your situation
  2. We dispatch a fully trained and qualified locksmith to your location
  3. They inspect the problem and will tell you about the methods they’ll use if you ask
  4. A lubricant is usually used to loosen the stuck key
  5. Special tools are inserted and used to manipulate the key to free it
  6. After the key is removed, your expert will have the facility to optionally cut you a new one on-site

The Team We Send For Broken Key Removal in Surbiton

Because you want action that’s both fast and effective in returning access to your property to you, we’ve built our broken key removal services to give you peace of mind as well as speed:

  • Every professional we send to your property is backed by complete insurance protection
  • The guarantee we provide is a standard part of your service, costs you no extra, and lasts for six months
  • A large amount of training, qualifications and years of experience combine to create a team which can handle any issue
  • The expert locksmith we send to you in Surbiton delivers all work to the BS3621 standard

Booking Your Broken Key Removal Services – Do It 24/7!

Call anytime you’re faced with an emergency! This is the fast action and speed part of your service:

  • We can be with you in as little as half an hour – just tell us when you need us to be there!
  • Get all the pricing information you need up front – ask for a free quote without commitment
  • Weekday, weekend and Bank Holiday appointments are all on offer and none of them cost extra
  • 24/7 customer support is provided as standard – call whenever you need to get a broken key removed from a lock!