Door Fitting Services in Surbiton With a Huge Range Available

We fit new and replacement doors to your home or business property with equal ease. Get door fitting services in Surbiton which are guaranteed, which work around your timetable, and which you can count on for high-quality installation of any type of door.

How We’ll Fit Your Door

  1. We can come to your property to view, take measurements and offer any advice that you might like to receive regarding the best type of door to fit
  2. Installation can commence immediately, or we can provide a free quote and return at another convenient time
  3. Any old door that might be in place will be removed, and later taken away for safe disposal
  4. Your door frame will be upgraded or improved to accept your new door if necessary
  5. Your new door will be installed and tested

What Type of Door is Best For Your Home or Business?

We can fit any door that you might have in mind. This includes doors that you’ve already purchased yourself, any from our own recommended range, or any of those made by any manufacturer that you care to name. Some of the most popular types that we fit include:

  • Wooden doors and imitation wood doors – the beautiful aesthetic these present is timeless
  • UPVC and other types of plastic doors – uPVC in particular offers a huge range of advantages as a dooring material
  • Fireproof doors – prevent the rapid spread of smoke or flames in a burning building
  • Security doors – offer heavy duty protection for secure buildings or areas.

Counting on the Quality of Door Installation Services You Get

Any new door needs to be fitted to the highest standard to make sure that you can count on it to provide not only smooth opening but also complete protection for your property. That’s why:

  • You’re insured from start to finish no matter what you need from us
  • You know that your newly installed door will be guaranteed for six months after it’s in place
  • Every member of the team that will come to help you is fully trained, qualified and is extensively vetted
  • Quality workmanship is ensured through intensive Quality Assurance checking procedures

Booking Door Fitting in Surbiton When You Need It Most

It doesn’t matter whether it’s well-planned work or an emergency situation which means you need door fitting in Surbiton. You’ll always get the same handy convenience:

  • Any service you get from Locks and Latches gives you a free quote as a matter of course
  • An appointment is on offer whenever you need it! Why not try a weekend or Bank Holiday service? They cost no extra
  • Request that we send an expert out at super-short notice – we can usually have someone with you in 30 minutes
  • Talk to someone who has all the information you need 24 hours a day, any day of the week
  • Ask any questions that you might have by phone – or get a specialist sent around for some free advice at any time