How to Gain Entry When You’re Locked Out in Surbiton

Let us help you get back in when you’re locked out in Surbiton! One phone call is all you need to make, and we can usually have an expert with you within 30 minutes. Whatever kind of situation has led to you losing access to your home, we can solve it.

How We Help You Gain Entry

  1. Your professional locksmith arrives at your address and assesses the situation
  2. For stuck keys, they can extract using special tools
  3. For mechanical locks, they can manipulate the tumblers
  4. For electronic locks, they can use bypass codes or reprogramming techniques
  5. In all cases, there will be no damage to your door

Situations When You Might Need These Lock Out Services

There are all sorts of reasons why you might find yourself locked out in Surbiton. The most important thing to remember is that for us, it’s not important. Our other clients have asked us for assistance when:

  • Your key has become trapped in the door
  • You’ve lost your keys
  • Your keys are locked inside your house and you’re outside
  • Your lock has become broken or damaged and no longer works
  • Your door has become deformed or warped and no longer opens

Trusting the Professionals You’re Sent

Your lock is going to be safeguarding your property for many years to come, so being able to count on the quality of work you have done to keep it in top condition is vital. We make sure you know you’re getting this by:

  • Giving you full insurance cover with every service as standard
  • Supporting your lock out services in Surbiton with a full six-month guarantee
  • Making sure everyone who delivers your service is a fully trained and highly experienced professional
  • That any replacement locks fitted or systems which are repaired as part of your work meet the BS3621 quality standard

Booking Your Entry Gain Services in Surbiton

Simply pick up your phone whenever you need to – because we know that you’re unlikely to find yourself locked out when it’s convenient! Book with us to make sure:

  • You know precisely how much your service will cost – there’s a free quote in it for you whenever you book
  • We have services which can be booked to occur seven days a week
  • Emergency bookings are available whenever you need them – there’s usually only a half hour delay!
  • You can call to set up your service 24 hours a day, any day of the week